Expanded Attorney Referral List

This project is an ongoing project!

To help service our members from across the state, we are always looking to expand our list of attorny's who understand the importance of both parents in their children's lives and who work towards equal parenting as a starting point to all separation issues.

Although we include attorney's who are father-friendly, we also encourage attorney's to give a percentage discount to WFCF members.

This project mainly entails sending form letters to attorney's requesting they respond to be included in our attorney referral list. In conjunction with this blind request, we also research whether any of our members know of these attorney's and can vouch for them being father-friendly.

I'd like to volunteer to expand the WFCF attorney referral list.

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
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