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If you can't find what you are looking for on this web site, you can contact  EMAIL Helpline. Make sure you include your full name, street address, telephone number and the best time to contact you.  Also please include enough details so we can better direct you concerns to the right people.  We will not respond to unidentified contacts.

Helpline Email Contact:

The Helpline email contact is the best and simplest way to contact our WFCF counselors about any issues. Contact by email will enable us to find the best counselor that is experienced in your issue and a counselor that is most quickly available (All of our counselors are volunteers and have families and jobs of their own. There may be a slight delay in receiving a message back)

Any information obtained during these events or in the course of any other interaction with Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families “WFCF” is informational in nature only and (1) is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice or a definitive statement of law (2) is not a substitute for obtaining individual legal advice from a qualified and licensed attorney under an attorney-client relationship

Informational Email Contact:

If you wish to ask an email question that is not Help specific please contact us by this email to request information.


The Telephone Helpline is a WFCF service to provide support for parents dealing with divorce and paternity issues.  YOU MUST BE A WFCF MEMBER to use this feature. 

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Back in 1987, when the energy and activism of the Founding Fathers of our organization were being focused into a program of support services for divorced, disenfranchised fathers, the telephone helpline was one of the many invaluable resources brought to bear on behalf of fathers' rights as parents to their children.  In 2010 we added an email HELPLINE capability and that medium has now become by far the most frequently used service WFCF offers.

Over the years, this critical "help" service has literally provided a lifesaving link of communications to thousands of loving Dads and other family members who call during the worst point of crisis in their lives. Because of family breakups, they are deeply fearful of losing custody and relationship rights to their young children. As WFCF members, all of us well know how realistic those concerns are, and just how important the encouragement and involvement of our organization are at such times of family failure.

The helpline frequently brings us new members, and in return for a membership, which provides our quarterly newsletter,as well as our family law initiatives, and not least, the social support network of Dads through Fathers Night Out meetings that often develops into lifetime friendships.

For the past several years, various WFCF Board members and committed volunteers have fielded the great majority of HELPLINE inquiries, providing a desperately needed, dedicated level of early encouragement to countless parents who love their kids deeply. By providing them with the proper state of mind, we help these parents realize that divorce or split-ups ends adult relationships, but not a parent's rights and responsibilities to thier children.

The WFCF Helpline is listed as a resource in virtually every courthouse and family counseling directory in the state of Wisconsin. We'll continue to serve and support parents in distress for as long as needed.


If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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