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If you believe that there is too many children ONLY have one involved parent in thier lives, and that both parents should be allowed and expected to support their children emotionally, as well as financially, we need each other to make things better for you, your children and other families.  HALF the children in WI with separated parents,  struggle due to only one parent signifcantly involved in thier upbringing.

By working together as a group and sharing resources, we can be more effective in bringing about change than individuals working alone. 

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Membership costs only $20 for LIFETIME membership ( ),  INCLUDES survey information on lawyers, GAL's, Judges and Court Commisioners, also includes a subscription to our newsletter -Today's CO parent and emailings regarding our meetings and important events. 

This is also our primary source of funds to allow us provide this site and other special projects for your benefit.  To join, using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card) or PayPal, over a secure encrypted browser session click on the BUY NOW option below:


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Help promote awareness of WFCF.

Our group has been around for over 30 years, and have been hosting our Separated Parents Night Out in 10 locations monthly.  We also provide  Community Outreach, and Networking . We have a free helpline that has provided individual help to almost 2000 parents over the last 5 years.  Unfortunately, there are many people who may need our resources or want to help but do not know about us. We need to get the word out about us and our web site. To help with this you can download our FNO poster here,  print it out and post it in your place of work or community billboard.  If you are close to one of our meeting locations and would like us to provide you with posters/flyers specifically advertising that location please contact us at:




 Help us with your skills

As a volunteer organization we need the powerful resources that come with our members' skills.  We need people who can dedicate their energies to help build our organization into a stronger and more responsive entity.  Send us a note on how you can help to this


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As a volunteer organization we need funds to support this web site,  pay the printing and mailing costs of our newsletter, and expenses associated with many of our special projects.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,  which makes your contributions tax deductible. If you can afford to make a contribution, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal over a secure encrypted browser session:



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Find out how you can make your United Way contributions support a father friendly organization.   

Let your voice be heard

We encourage you to share your experiences, not only with other parents in our group who have experienced similar problems, but also with those people who can bring about change. Thus in addition to joining our group, we urge you to contact your legislator to explain to them what you think is wrong and ask them to work to fix our laws to make things right."  They are the one's who can change the laws that the courts enforce.  Contact your legislator!

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
Are you unhappy about the way you were treated in your case or about current
laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
Contact your legislator.

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