Family Wizard Co-Parenting tool

"Our Family Wizard" It is a great tool to utilize.
It does cost each parent $100 each. You can send medical bills thru the site. You can mark them paid or unpaid. It has a placement calendar that links to google as well. Every conversation is recorded. Each parent has 4 hours to respond to any questions. Both parties attorney's can be linked to it as well as the GAL is deemed necessary to observe the communications. It is a great tool to curb harassment from the other parent. It is a great tool to utilize as well if there are restraining orders in place against either parent for contact. It allows safe contact between two parents about child affairs only and does not violate restraining orders if so ordered by the court. This is also a great tool to allow 50/50 placement when a restraining order exists

IF you are having trouble getting in formation from the other parent, this is a tool to very likely solve that problem.

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OFW Parent tutorial:

Waiver for low income parents:

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If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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