Parenting Links is a Disney site with extensive resources on parenting and family issues.

If you live far away from your children,  provides some ideas  on how to make the best of the situation. 

The National Center for Fathering  is a non-profit research and education organization whose mission is to champion the role of responsible fatherhood by inspiring and equipping men to be more engaged in the lives of children. This site provides extensive resources for fathers who are trying to raise children.

Boot camp for New Dads Information to help dads deal with and care for a new child.

Dads and Daughters  Web site devoted to parenting issues involving dads and daughters.

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
Are you unhappy about the way you were treated in your case or about current
laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
Contact your legislator.

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