Directing your United Way Contribution

by James Luscher

For those who participate in United Way fundraising drives at work, I would like to recommend the technique I use, to make sure my United Way contribution is used to support father friendly organizations:

I make a substantial contribution by payroll deduction, then take advantage of the ability to specify that a "portion" - say 90% - goes to a specific agency - and specify Wisconsin Fathers for Children
and Families - which is a qualified 501(c)(3) agency.


I also specify that agencies that discriminate against fathers or men be EXCLUDED from sharing any portion of my donation: (Women's Transit, Dane County Advocates for Battered Women , etc (they not only do they not provide any help to men but they actually forbid men from assisting women!) .

The advantage of this approach are several:
1) They must (and have for the past several years) written a substantial check to WFCF having collected the money from my paycheck for WFCF.

2) They have written to verify / clarify my exclusions and I have had an opportunity to correspond with the director of United Way about why I find it distressing that United Way provides funds for agencies which practice gender discrimination - and ask that they cease from doing so in the future.

3) It makes the United Way realize that men are interested in these issues and willing to put their money where their beliefs are - rather than just not hearing from us.

4) It makes them deal with Father oriented groups such as WFCF - which they would otherwise ignore.

5) If I don't contribute they don't know about my issues, but when I do, and their system provides money for MY causes, they must recognize our existence!

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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