The strength of our organization and ultimately the success of our organization are directly dependent on our member’s participation. We are a volunteer organization and typical of that, we have 10% of people doing 90% of the work. 

Never before have we had a better chance of having both parents treated the same in the eyes of our children and the court. Volume and horsepower is what will get us across the line. 

At a recent summit the board held, we identified a number of projects that all push towards the success of the legislation that treats a child's relationship with both its parents in a fair, respectful and equaly way. And we’re looking for your help to achieve that.

We have appointed a volunteer coordinator who can advise in more detail of what is involved with the current active projects.

The projects themselves vary from something that is on-going of which there is a successful formula to follow and to projects we've never done before and we're making it up as we go along. No matter if you simply have some spare time from home to update spreadsheets, or you have a creative mind where you want to go exploring, we can use your help.

If you would like to volunteer, please review the current projects below and email us from here or from our contacts page.

Regional Fathers Night's Out

County and Senate District Coordinators

Newsletter Articles and Internet Research

Freedom of Information Requests

Expanded Attorney Referral List

Web Development and SQL Database skills

Video and other Media Skills

Helpline Counselors

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
Are you unhappy about the way you were treated in your case or about current
laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
Contact your legislator.

Get involved and join now!

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